with Grace and ease

I know that there is only one, one divine, one love and I am apart of the one, the only. I am able to believe, to know the way, to find the peace, for it surrounds me, i just need to open my eyes, my ears, my mind, my heart to the vibration of the angels, of God. My body is healthy, my mind is clear, I am able to create another great day in paradise, all day, every day, for all days, in every life, on every world. All beings are happy, whole and completely at peace, for abundance is our world’s reality. I know that blessings and miracles are presently the normal matrix and even bigger and better than what i can even imagine. My heart is bursting with gratitude for all of this we call life, the joy factor is the only factor and I am truly blessed. I humbly release these letters to the infinite and with grace and ease I receive the bounty of God, as so it is!

I am so blessed to be me and you to be you, for we are really just one….thank you for everything!


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